Elliptical Machines vs. Treadmills

Treadmills and Elliptical Machines fall under the cardio machine category. One of the most debated questions about both these machines is, which one is better? This is a long debated question from the day Elliptical Machines arrived in the market.
Treadmills were present in the market for quite a long time and many debates about its functionality were already done. To answer this question, we need to realize one thing first. Both treadmills and Elliptical Machines designed for those who can't find enough time for regular workout methods.
For those who can't regularly go to a park for jogging or running, these machines are the best way to workout.

However, this doesn't mean that these cardio workouts can't be effective. These are very powerful methods to exercise well but your passion and dedication is also very important. Some people find treadmills to be very boring while many others simply love them.
For those who like treadmills, it's a great pastime too and they often forget how long they were on these machines. For the same reason, it is important for you to like the machine on which you are working out. This will help you to easily burn calories and achieve the level of fitness that you wanted.

Pros and cons of both machines

The pros and cons of both machines can be easily classified as:

Stress - When you exercise on treadmills, a lot of stress is putting on your feet and knees. People with joint problems will find this to be a problem regardless of the cushion mechanism that these treadmills offer.
With Elliptical Machines, such a problem does not exist because you are not moving your feet from the pedal. Once you secure your position, you are working by maintaining your body's position, thus no joints are getting stressed.
This makes the machine quite a good match for those who are suffering from joint problems. Similarly, there are many older people who can't work out for prolonged time on treadmills and for them also, an Elliptical Machine becomes the best choice.

Calorie Burning - It is very obvious that treadmills can burn a lot more calories than that of Elliptical Machines. This is why treadmills are quite popular among joggers and athletes who are looking for challenging exercises.
With the right stress levels and amount of workout, a treadmill is quite a challenge for the user but with Elliptical Machine, the user must be quite hard working as it takes more time to burn the same amount of calories as a treadmill.

Workouts to Muscle Groups - An Elliptical Machine can provide workout to almost every muscle group on your body, a great benefit of these machines.
There are some models that do not provide workout to the upper body but such machines are not catering the sole purpose of owning an Elliptical Machine and must be avoided for the same reason.
You can't expect a treadmill to produce sufficient workout to the whole body because those machines are not designed to provide you such a great challenge.

Lifespan - To consider the lifespan of both these machines, it is very important to consider products in the midrange or top range because the low end products are not made to last longer.
However, you can't find treadmills that last till the end of the world! You can expect them to offer reliable service of many years but not more than that. With an Elliptical Machine, you can get infinite service because these machines have no mechanical parts that can get damaged easily.

Energy Consumption and Noise - Treadmills are powered by motors that have high horsepower. These motors consume a lot of power and it can be seen on your energy bills as well.
Elliptical Machines do not consume that much energy and is pocket friendly in this context. Similarly, Elliptical Machines do not produce as much as noise as the treadmills does so you can enjoy great workout without much noise pollution.

For those who do not have any sort of joint problems and need quite some challenge to burn calories, treadmills are the way to go.
For those who need an easygoing machine that is friendly and do not hamper their joints, Elliptical Machines are the best choice. On both machines, your desire to perform exercise plays a major role in effectively supporting your body building ambitions.
Since Elliptical Machines are inexpensive to maintain and last longer, they seem to be the trend these days. You can check both these machines in a fitness store before making a decision.

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