Brands of elliptical machines

There are many brands that manufacturer elliptical machines and for the same reason, it is important to inspect the brand name before purchasing one.
The quality of each brand may not be the same and the value for money factor also varies. Different brands target different customers and for the same reason, their offers on each product also vary.

Some important brands are:
NordicTrack - NordicTrack is the best choice for the budget conscious customer because the company primarily focuses on this range and offers some of the best products in this category.
They offer a large range of machines for those who need different levels of workout challenges and durability. The workout slope on these machines can be increased to provide higher challenge to your feet.
This feature is usually seen on expensive machines but NordicTrack offers this and many more features on their relatively inexpensive models. The longer strides can be found on these machines as well, which offers excellent comfort. Similarly, the folding feature of these machines allow you to fold the same after workout sessions, thus save a lot of space.
For space conscious customers, NordicTrack seems to be the best choice in the market. However, the warranty period on NordicTrack is usually limited to one year but there are extended warranty policies. Arguably, the models in the mid price range offer most value for money that the cheapest of most expensive models.

Sole Fitness - Sole fitness manufacturers sole elliptical trainers and are new to this niche of fitness equipment. However, they have experience in making treadmills for the last 20 years, mostly for the hotel industry.
The price range of their machines is usually 1,000 to 2,000 dollars. One of the best features that you can see on their machines is the longer stride that will help you to work out a larger range of leg muscles.
Not only can that longer strides offer a wider range of workout, these machines are quite ideal for tall users. The heavy duty flywheels featured on these machines ensures the smoothest possible ride. With their experience in manufacturing treadmills for hotels, they offer excellent fit and finish, something that you see only on high quality club equipment.
The warranty policy is of a minimum two years but can be extended up to five years. There is no doubt that sole elliptical trainers are excellent value for money but they are quite large in size. These machines may occupy a larger space in your room.

Smooth Fitness - Smooth Fitness is a brand that started to offer these machines at a very early stage. The brand is well known for their direct selling strategy that avoids many middlemen to offer the most possible discounts.
It is not quite surprising to find a machine for 40% discounts at Smooth Fitness than a regular store, thanks to their selling strategy. This definitely contributed to the brand's publicity as a successful manufacturer of value for money machines. Smooth Fitness ensures machines that come with professional level of features at their mid-range price category.
The company uses some of the heaviest flywheels in the market, usually between 22-48bls. As the heavy flywheels can provide a smoother ride, you will be far more comfortable on such machines.
There won't be any sort of jerks when you use such machines and it is very hard to find a competitor product with the same price range to have these great features. The foot pedals are designed to reduce the joint stress and this feature makes a Smooth Elliptical Machine the finest choice for elders as well as for those who have joint problems.
The agile trainer is offered only by the company and this offers 12 different types of workouts. The mp3player/iPod connector on these machines can be quite attractive for those who listen to music while working out.
The machines with connectors also have built-in speakers to ensure you additional comfort. However, Smooth is a great brand when you purchase the same through online sources because this is where you can avail the financial benefits.

Precor - Precor can be considered as a luxury brand because their machines usually start from 2,500 dollars. This Finland based manufacturer is well known for their quality products. The cross ramp incline feature on these machines is excellent because the ramp allow you to adjust the incline and workout different muscles.
As the rule of thumb, "you get what you pay for" and this is quite true with Precor. The quality of these machines is excellent and they were the first brand to offer an adjustable incline. Many high end machines come with longer stride lengths but with Precor, you get adjustable stride lengths.
This is a great feature of course, especially for the ones who are looking for the perfect fit. The advanced fitness tracking feature allows more than one person to exercise on this machine at different times but maintain their own different profiles. You can't find such features on many machines.
Last but not the least is the warranty policy of Precor, which is usually between 5-10 years on parts. This show how durable these machines are because your investment is protected for quite a long time.

Spirit - Spirit is relatively a new name in the market and is known for their machines that can provide workout for both upper and lower body. Spirit elliptical machines can provide excellent workout for arms and the two year warranty policy is good for the price you pay. You can get most of their machines for around thousand dollars and the quality is reasonable in this budget.
However, the distribution network of Spirit is not excellent so you may have to get your spares through online sources.

Schwinn - Schwinn is probably one of the most recognized fitness and bicycle maker in the world. Their products are reasonably priced and start well over 600 dollars. For those who are looking for the best entry level machines, this is the best choice.
Of course, the stride length is not very long but these machines are quite compact and come with decent warranty. For beginners, this is the best choice to start their workouts.

These are the major elliptical machine manufactures today and all these companies offer products that justify their price and the target audience.

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